14 April 2020 14:41

The Trustees of the 14+ Dance Scholarship Foundation would like to announce that the 2020 14+ Scholarship event, understandably in the current situation, will be postponed till later in the year. There will be a further announcement of the venue with the revised closing date* and any changes to the current entry criteria once it is possible to confirm a date. However, at this stage, we are proposing a smaller event than was envisaged for the Sky City Theatre with venue to be decided but, hopefully, at Te Whaea in Wellington. We are really wanting to acknowledge the RAD Centenary and to hold the 14+ Awards if at all possible. In the meantime, do keep up your practice and fitness at home. The Centenary and classical variations can be accessed via our website.

*We will still be accepting 14+ Dance Scholarship entries until the revised closing date is confirmed (the entry fee is not required at this stage, once the date of the event is announced you will be contacted to make payment of the fees).