23 December 2020 14:14

On Saturday 19 December several guest artists performed at the RAD Centenary Gala event.

14+ Dance Scholarship 2020 – Guest Performances

As part of the RAD Centenary Gala several guest artists performed in the evening before the 14+ finalists performed their classical variation and Centenary Variation.

NZSD students: Tsuyumi Wilson-Travis; Emma McWhinnie and Danielle Taylor started the Guest Performances off by performing French divertissement from The Nutcracker, Act II.  Choreography: Peter Darrell, CBE (by kind permission of the Peter Darrell Trust); music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

They were followed by Ariana Hond (2010 Alexander Grant Training Award winner) performing a piece titled: A Growing Thought.  This was a collaboration between Ariana Hond, Kit Reilly and Bella Wilson.

Finally Katherine Skelton and Joseph Skelton, from the Royal New Zealand Ballet performed a piece titled: The Things We Left Unsaid.  Choreography by Shaun James Kelly and music Clair de Lune; Claude Debussy.