23 June 2024 9:30am - 1:00pm

CPD: Revise and Revitalise Allegro (3.5 hour online webinar)

This course aims to revisit vocabulary of various levels. This would include aspects of petit allegro, allegro, grand allegro and batterie. There would be discussion on analysis, and identification of significant progression where appropriate. A discussion on how to train the step or use of preparation movements, which might focus on use of space, change of alignment, turning and varying levels of elevation. An emphasis on precision of the movement, use of weight, anticipation, correct timing, dynamics and coordinated port de bras are all part of the course.


The aims of this activity are to:

  • Explore in-depth, allegro steps that feature through the RAD levels through practical tasks and discussion, and
  • Revitalise understanding of allegro vocabulary and heighten motivation through interactive sharing of ideas.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the activity, you will have:

  • Revised analysis and recognised progression from a selection of allegro steps from the RAD syllabi,
  • Be more aware of how anticipation, use of space and weight placement, coordination of port de bras, timing and dynamics can improve the precision required of allegro, and
  • Be revitalised in the approach to teaching allegro steps from the RAD syllabi.

Recommended Preparation:

  1. Some prior reflection and identification of steps that teachers are unsure of or wish to question.
  2. Take Sissonnes fermés & ouvertes94 FCBT progression – sissonne changée p.93-94 Prog, Sissonne battue p.95 Prog., Sissonne doublée p. 95-96 Prog. Sissonne en tournant p.97 Prog. Sissonne ouverte changée en tournant in attitude p.97 Prog.

Consider the: a. Preparation b. The posture at the height of the action c. The landing   d. The anticipation of port de bras e. The variations of the step f. Use of space/alignment/turning

  1. Have available and or revise the allegro section of:
  • Ryman, Ronda. The Foundations of Classical Ballet Technique. Royal Academy of Dance. Revised ed. 2013.
  • Ryman, Rhonda. The Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique. Royal Academy of Dance. 2002.


Sue Nicholls


Course will be provided online via Zoom,  this course is limited to 20 persons

CPD Hours

4 hours Time-Valued CPD


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17 June 2024

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17 June 2024 12:00am

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