Zoom in on The Fonteyn

Zoom in on The Fonteyn is an insightful series of online interviews and reflections held over Zoom, relating to The Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition. The 9-week series is aimed at future candidates for The Fonteyn, RAD teachers, members and the wider dance community.

Over the 9-week series, we will hear from international dance professionals like Dame Darcey Bussell DBE, Sir Anthony Dowell, Stella Abrera, Marianela Nunez, Dame Monica Mason DBE, Mlindi Kulashe, and many more. They will discuss what they value in dance, preparing for your own performances, Margot Fonteyn, the person and the performer, dancing Frederick Ashton’s choreography and their own competition experiences.

Week 9 – The Fonteyn Experience

Hear from previous medallists about their experience of taking part in the competition from preparation to finals; how their careers have developed from the competition; and what they wish to share with today’s aspiring dancers.

This video features Stella Abrera (Former Principal, America Ballet Theatre), Celine Gittens (Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet), Mlindi Kulashe (Leading Soloist, Northern Ballet), Lachlan Monaghan (Soloist, Birmingham Royal Ballet) and Amber Scott (Principal Artist, The Australian Ballet).

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Your Online Stage

We are inviting all eligible candidates that were planning to enter The Fonteyn 2020, to film and submit a video of them dancing the Classical Variation they would have performed at the competition.
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With thanks to the following individuals for giving their time to be part of this series: Stella Abrera, Sebastian Aguinaga-Moreno, Sean Bates, Deanne Bergsma, Dame Darcey Bussell, Tim Coleman, Sir Anthony Dowell, Tayla De Bie, Wayne Eagling, Annette Ellis, Celine Gittens, Christopher Hampson, Drew Hedditch, Mlindi Kulashe, Donald MacLeary, David McAllister, Dame Monica Mason, Lachlan Monaghan, Georgia Nikolopoulou, David Nixon, Marianela Núñez, Dame Merle Park, Montana Rubin, Amber Scott, Wayne Sleep, Jonathan Still, Alfreda Thorogood, and Lynn Wallis.

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