20 December 2022 09:42

Gayle Prescott - 1950 - 2022

It is with great sadness that the RAD learned of the passing of Gayle Prescott on Monday 12 December. An RAD registered teacher, Gayle had been a member of the RAD for 58 years and was passionate about the wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement, Gayle decided to follow her dream of becoming a dance teacher at the age of 18. Her first step was to convert her parent’s double garage into a studio and to begin teaching two afternoons a week. When the Gayle Prescott Dance School celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, it had grown into a successful business operating out of venues in Mt Roskill and Lynfield with custom built studios and classes in ballet, tap and jazz taking place 6 days week. Retiring from teaching after celebrating her 50th anniversary, Gayle passed her school on to her former student, Rebecca Wyatt, who has proudly continued Gayle’s legacy in her school with the new name of Chameleon Dance and Fitness Studio.

Gayle dancing with her three sisters on her 40th.

Gayle taught many students who have gone on to successful performing or teaching careers. One of her students, who was inspired by Gayle to become an RAD teacher, remembers Gayle’s teaching style as being firm but kind and how highly organised she was.  For Gayle, teaching was all about the children and the pleasure they got from dancing: “Part of the reason I have continued teaching so long is seeing the delight on the dancers’ faces after they have enjoyed their class and how they look forward to dancing in our shows”.

Gayle's first ballet exam pupils in 1969

Gayle with Rebecca Wyatt