Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with the RAD is an opportunity for you to develop your knowledge and skills whether you’re a dancer, a teacher running your own dance school, a choreographer, an arts administrator, or simply interested in dance. We can provide you with a variety of activities and content from webinars and in-person workshops, to longer events that allow you to network with other dance professionals from around the world.


CPD with the RAD

The RAD is committed to producing the best teachers in the world and CPD is one way to showcase that you are up to date on current dance teaching practice, legislation or health and personal wellbeing.

We offer a range of professional and personal development opportunities to suit you. Activities are open to all; however, RAD teaching members will need to participate in a minimum number of CPD activities each year in order to retain Registered Teacher status. This requirement must be completed in the CPD year, between 1 September and 31 August.

More information about CPD can be found on our UK website

What is CPD with the RAD?

RAD CPD has two strands: professional, and personal development. We believe in order to be at the forefront of dance teaching, you must also take care of yourself. Professional development includes activities that focus on your craft – knowledge of classical ballet technique, the ability to break steps down for your students into manageable pieces and teaching them how to enjoy movement and dance to the best of their ability. Personal development focuses on you not only as a dance teacher but also as a person. How can you maintain a work-life balance? Can you meet a dance teacher’s demands in the 21st century? By participating in CPD, you take control of your career development.

Paying for CPD

We offer bursaries to help support your CPD. Find out what we offer and how we can help you.

CPD Declarations and exemptions

Each year you will be required to declare that you have completed your CPD requirement and you can do this when you renew your membership.

CPD Audit

As an essential quality assurance exercise, we carry out a CPD audit, where 5% of teaching members will be selected and asked to submit evidence in support of their CPD declaration.  More information about the audit can be found here

CPD Regulations

Our CPD Regulations document provides you with an overview of the policies that govern RAD CPD.

All RAD teaching members must complete 20 hours of CPD in order to retain their status, as set out in the Code of Professional Practice. This to ensure that you maintain up-to-date knowledge, understanding, and skills to respond to developments in the dance profession.