Training to be a RAD teacher

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John Linkhorn, Extreme Dance

As a 45-year-old male, it seemed a bit weird when I first spoke with my wife Emma about the fact that I wanted to take on the challenge of going through the two-year process of becoming a RAD registered teacher. I had been teaching classes for over 10 years so what was the point?

Well, here’s the thing, I’ve always believed that to be the best teacher you can be you need to keep training and be open to discovering new ways of imparting the information and knowledge that you’ve built up over your years of teaching, so to decide that the CBTS programme was the best challenge to take on became an easy decision.

That’s not to say that it was easy…I had to re-find skills that I had long ago left behind in writing essays, being able to figure out what information was needed and then explain that clearly and concisely. I had to look at the way I danced and how to make movements clear for students to understand, and I had to accept that the financial costs would be a significant undertaking.

However, I also figured out that if I gave myself a carrot (something to dangle in front of me when things got tough), I could successfully achieve this goal of retraining at this stage of my life. That carrot for me was to attend my graduation in the UK with my wife and 2 boys– it was audacious but so worthwhile as it kept me going when it got hard and the closer, I got to it the more excited I became about completing each essay, each lesson plan, each practical assessment. To walk across the stage, be presented with my certificate by Dame Darcy Bussell and see Emma, Cam and Josh in the audience was one of the greatest achievements I’ve ever felt.

Would I recommend CBTS? Absolutely, but I would say give yourself a carrot – whatever it is that will give you the energy and strength to keep going when you think that you can’t because when you finally graduate you won’t regret any part of the journey.


Leanne Short, Taupo Academy of Dance

My name is Leanne Short, I started dancing when I was 4 years old under the BBO syllabus. In my school I had been teaching the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus for 20 years however, never obtained certification. I thought now was a better time than any, even though I was in my late 50s.
When I started my journey of study with the CBTS, I did initially feel overwhelmed when receiving my assignments. However, with the support of my tutors and colleagues, I managed to get my head around it and it became so rewarding and extremely enjoyable.
This study has given me invaluable tools for becoming a superior teacher and funnily enough, what I found the hardest at the beginning soon became my favourite part of my studies. All those lesson plans have defiantly created great habits moving forward. The physical aspect was intense while attending the intensive training in Wellington however, I got there in the end and felt extremely proud of my achievements.
This experience has given me so much personal satisfaction, I would recommend it to any aspiring ballet teacher. The expectations are high, therefore, receiving the best training imaginable.